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Welcome, bienvenido, and 歡迎!

Thank you for taking the time to explore our school.


As an educator, parent and founding head of the Terra Schools, it is my goal that each and every child feels seen and celebrated on the journey to reaching their full social, emotional and academic potential. Our outstanding faculty and staff believe in finding your child’s gifts, not their limits. By setting high expectations and providing high levels of support, we at the Terra Schools encourage children to develop the curiosity, creativity, and resilience they need to thrive.


In 2008, I founded Presidio Knolls School (PKS), a Mandarin-immersion school located in the SoMa district of San Francisco. I created the school for my eldest daughter to learn Mandarin in a nurturing community environment inspired by the Reggio-Emilia approach to education.


A decade later, in 2018, I opened The Terra Schools in Mill Valley for my second daughter. I hoped that an even more robust program with unrivaled outdoor opportunities would empower her to become her best self. For me there was no greater joy than watching my shy child discover a knack for acting onstage, learn to compose her own music, and fall in love with nature. Her experience at Terra Marin encouraged her to pursue new passions and approach new challenges with confidence, tenacity, and heart.


From one parent to another, I hope your child finds a school community that feels like home. I welcome you to explore the possibilities with us at the Terra Schools.

You’re also welcome to explore each of The Terra Schools here:


Per Grade:

  1. Terra K-8

  2. Terra Preschools


Per Location:

  1. Terra Marin

  2. Terra San Francisco


We look forward to meeting you soon! 




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