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Ages served:
2.5-5 years old*
*After TK graduation, Terra Mandarin preschool students may choose to attend Terra Marin's K-8 program, or to attend another elementary school.

Terra Mandarin offers a 100% Mandarin-immersion Reggio Emilia program.

Why Reggio Emilia?

Because it is child-centered. It is all about your child, his interests, his needs, and his growth.

  • A Reggio Emilia classroom environment fosters learning through a thoughtful use of natural light, space and color

  • Parents and teachers collaborate to tailor lesson plans to children's individual needs and interests

  • Children engage in long-term, multi-disciplinary projects (such as growing plants from seedlings) for deep, holistic learning

  • Children are encouraged to engage in multiple forms of self-expression: Drawing, sculpture, dramatic play and writing


Why Mandarin immersion?

Because learning a second language is proven to give your child a leg up across every aspect of life.

  • The cognitive benefits of learning a second language in early childhood are well researched.

  • Studies show that it increases executive functioning, problem solving, and mental flexibility.

  • Bilingual students outscore their monolingual peers in standardized testing, and they maintain focused attention better than other students.

  • A second language also gives students broader career and life opportunities as adults and the skills to travel and connect with the world as global citizens.

Tuition 2022-23:
Terra Mandarin Preschool: $29,500 (8:45am-3:30pm)
Terra Mandarin Preschool: $22,000 (8:45am-12:30pm)
Terra Mandarin TK: $29,500 (8:45am-3:30pm)

(Summer program available at additional cost)

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