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Spanish Curriculum


Available throughout our K-8 program.


Why learn a second language?

Learning a second language is proven to give your child a leg up across every aspect of life.

  • The cognitive benefits of learning a second language are well researched.

  • Studies show that it increases executive functioning, problem solving, and mental flexibility.

  • Bilingual students outscore their monolingual peers in standardized testing, and they maintain focused attention better than other students.

  • A second language also gives students broader career and life opportunities as adults and the skills to travel and connect with the world as global citizens.

Terra Marin offers Spanish as a second language for all K-8 students.

how we cultivate a cultural experience

Our teachers are essential in providing a cultural learning environment. Responsibilities include:

  • Cultivating a learning atmosphere centered on intellectual inquiry and student engagement

  • Fostering classroom community through proactive social-emotional learning and restorative justice practices

  • Sharing knowledge of key Hispanic culture and traditions, including Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Dia de los Reyes, etc.

  • Developing and implementing innovative and decolonized curriculum

  • Communicating peacefully with co-lead(s), students, families, and colleagues

  • Engaging in self-reflection and professional development through goal-setting, training, and feedback loops with colleagues

  • Collaborating in a dynamic community of teachers who are revolutionizing our educational system

  • A passion for working with young people and a commitment to always honoring them first as humans

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