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Our Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) program develops your child's confidence in himself and his relationships.


“We believe our teachers’ job is to find the gift in each child, draw it out and nurture it so it can be shared with others."


- Shauna Sullivan,

Assistant Head of School


"The teachers are there for you."


- Noah, 5th grade

Social-Emotional Learning

Terra Marin’s robust social-emotional learning (SEL) program sets your child up for lifelong success in his interactions with peers, family, community and himself.


Children need to receive instruction in social-emotional competence, which is just as critical to their success as any academic subject. Our SEL program helps students develop skills in conflict resolution, self-regulation, responsible decision-making, and positive relationship-building. 

We fully support your child, both emotionally and academically, as he realizes his individual potential. We believe each child has his own marvelous "superpowers," and that it is our fundamental responsibility as educators to help develop these special gifts. On the flip side, you can count on us to support and bolster your child's individual needs.

In addition, small class sizes (max of 12:1) are a cornerstone of our educational philosophy. Our small classes contribute, by design, to an intimate environment where your child is fully known, supported and valued. In this environment, our teachers are able to meet your child at his edge, and help him cultivate the courage to push through his edges to new levels of self-discovery.

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“I love interacting with all ages and teaching them what I know. I have become friends with people of all ages that I wouldn’t otherwise have become friends with, and now I get to enjoy having them as such close friends.”


- Edie, 8th grade

Cross-grade Mentoring

Terra Marin classes are intentionally mixed-age. Our multi-grade classrooms create a family of learners who support and care for one another.

Older children learn to mentor and take on leadership roles. Younger children greatly benefit from the modeling provided by their older cohorts.

In this environment, where students enjoy a sense of safe belonging without judgment, they come to deeply feel that anything is possible.

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