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Challenging academics custom-tailored to your child's abilities, strengths and interests. Differentiated learning means we meet your child at her level, and take her to the next level.

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"I came to Terra Marin because I wanted a challenge in math. At Terra Marin they give me math just at my level!"


- Eliza, 4th grade

"This week we celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival. We ate tang yuan and performed a song about the festival in Mandarin."

- Mariana, 2nd grade


"At Terra Marin you get to explore different things, and you're not just stuck in a room learning from a book. For science, if we have a question about something, Mike (the science teacher) will get an example and show it to us, and we actually get to see it, flip it around, look at it, and we get to explore it."

- Sara, 8th grade


"The Harkness Method is fun. You can't blend into the background. I used to not raise my hand or participate at my previous school. Here I have to participate, and I like that. You wait for the other person to be done talking, and then you talk."

- Noah, 7th grade

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