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Your child spends a full day each week off-site exploring and learning from nature - our world's best teacher


"Yesterday at the beach we got to carve sticks with knives, and we got to climb cliffs. It felt a little bit dangerous because I hadn't done it before. I liked it because it was exciting." 

- Nathaniel, 7th grade


"The thing I like about this school is the three recesses!"

- Aaron, 1st grade

Earth Education

Students spend a full day each week outdoors off-site, exploring Marin and learning from our world's greatest teacher - nature.

Led by a highly trained Earth Education specialist, children learn to track animals, find their way back to base-camp blindfolded, and grind acorns into flour to make food. They learn ancestral skills and crafts.

Nature play needs to be a fundamental part of every childhood. Earth education allows students unstructured time in a structured environment. This meaningful connection with nature grounds children, gives them a sense of place and belonging, and makes them more effective learners who are prepared to embrace challenges and soar academically.

The results are proven: Spending time in nature boosts academic performance, focus, engagement and love of learning.

Learn more about our acclaimed earth education program

An Indoor-Outdoor Campus

Our campus is home to beautiful and expansive playgrounds, gardens, sports fields, foothills and horses. Students enjoy playtime outdoors at frequent intervals throughout the day to prepare their minds for learning.


Studies show that "green time" significantly lowers stress, increases focus and creates curious learners who are more likely to succeed academically, socially and emotionally.

Teachers and students can often be found outside around campus and the lovely surrounding neighborhood, gathering scientific samples, studying insects, building machines with power tools, or taking a walk to the local market to calculate how much water is used in the production of various food items.

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