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Terra San Francisco preschool is a Reggio Emilia-inspired, nature-based program offering immersion in Mandarin or Spanish language and culture for ages 2-4.5. 


Our preschools offer children the opportunity to investigate the world around them and create meaning through play and project-based learning. Experiential projects and lessons are catered to each child. Weekly outdoor excursions, led by our experienced Earth Education teachers, inspire a love for the natural world, while Social Emotional Learning is infused throughout the curriculum to encourage empathy and respect for others. With small class sizes, every child receives personalized attention and support to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. 


Through a holistic approach to education, we empower young children to grow in their independence, creativity, problem solving, and collaboration.

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Terra San Francisco



Terra San Franciso

3801 Balboa St

San Francisco, CA 94121

Nearby outdoor spaces our students visit during Earth Education

  • Crissy Field

  • The Presidio

  • Bakers Beach

  • Ocean Beach

  • Golden Gate Park

  • San Francisco Botanical Gardens

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At a Glance

Grades served


Preschools (Mandarin & Spanish)


Ages - 2 to

4.5 -  years old

Quality teachers

83% are fluent in another language  

39% have international teaching experience 

10 years

of teaching experience per teacher, on average


of students

are multi-ethnic

45% Multi-racial

 28% Asian

 21% Caucasian

 3% Southeast Asian

 3% Black


of teachers

are multi-ethnic

33% Hispanic

28% Asian

 27% Caucasian

6% African 

6% Middle-eastern

Diverse Community

Global Citizens

83% of teachers have lived abroad

20+ languages spoken among families & teachers

Small class sizes

  • 12 - 15 students per preschool class

  • 5:1 Preschool student-teacher ratio

Rigorous Academics

  • 80% language immersion 

  • 1-2 full days per week immersed in nature 

  • 4 enrichment classes each week: Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education


Why Language Immersion

Research shows that learning a second language before the age of six results in a higher likelihood of native fluency. Through our language immersion program, children will have every opportunity to attain fluency in Spanish or Mandarin.

Studies show that additional benefits of learning a second language include increased critical thinking skills, creativity, empathy, and verbal and math skills.

And learning a second language will broaden each child’s career, friendship, and travel opportunities as adults and global citizens.

About our 2 Year Old Class

Preschoolers analysing rocks.png

Experienced and caring teachers foster self-confidence, curiosity, and social skills while facilitating cooperative play, language learning, and the development of verbal communication skills.


The classroom environment includes climbing structures for gross motor development, loose parts for creative building, art, books, and dramatic play areas for daily self-directed play. Circle time focuses on vocabulary building, finger play, and movement in a fun and inviting environment.


Students spend ~ 80% of their week learning and listening to Mandarin & Spanish.

Our Program - Learn

  • Tailored learning through quality teachers & small classes: The Terra Preschools offer a tailored learning experience for each child through small class sizes and experienced teachers. This allows teachers to provide personalized attention to each child and help them reach their full potential.

  • Spanish or Mandarin immersion: Students at the Terra Preschools are immersed in either Spanish or Mandarin, which helps them develop critical thinking, comprehension, and neuroplasticity early in their development. The curriculum is infused with cultural music, food, and customs, making language learning a joyful pursuit.

  • Experiential, project-based learning: Preschool students at the Terra Preschools engage in long-term, interest-driven projects that allow them to explore their interests in depth. This type of learning is more engaging and effective than traditional rote memorization.

Our Program - Grow

  • Earth education: Students at the Terra Preschools venture into the natural world each week to learn about nature and build teamwork skills. Our Mandarin Immersion class spends 1 day each week outdoors, and our Spanish Immersion class spends 2 days each week outdoors. These outdoor adventures help children develop a sense of wonder and grounding, which can help them cope with stress and focus better in the classroom.

  • Cultivating creativity through the arts: Students at the Terra Preschools participate in weekly classes in music, art, and drama to express themselves creatively. These classes help them develop their fine motor skills and bring their unique perspectives to life.

  • Investing in our teachers: The Terra Preschools invest in their teachers by providing them with ongoing professional development opportunities. This ensures that teachers are up-to-date on the latest research and best practices in early childhood education.


Our Program - Belong

  • Social-emotional learning: The Terra Preschools have a dedicated social emotional learning (SEL) consultant who leads supportive efforts toward the mental well-being of all students, teachers, and administrators. This helps to create a safe and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

  • Student mentorship: Older and younger students are paired up as “buddies,” which helps to develop a sense of responsibility and community among students.

  • Family partnership: The Terra Preschools believe that it takes a village to raise a child, so they partner closely with families to help each child thrive. This includes providing regular updates and communication, as well as opportunities for families to get involved in the school community.

Additional Offerings

After care &
enrichment classes

School buses

Summer Camps

Daily & Weekly Schedules

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