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Where multilingualism 
meets nature-based education

Who We Are

The Terra Schools are a nature-based, multilingual Mandarin and Spanish program for preschoolers through 8th graders.

Fluency in Spanish and/or Mandarin is achieved through a strong foundation of language immersion in the early years, followed by language infusion in later years. Engaging, passionate teachers harness students' enthusiasm to accelerate traditional academic learning, with interactive projects and student-led discussions inspired by the Reggio
Emilia philosophy. A personalized curriculum with low student-teacher ratios empowers young minds to grow beyond what traditional classrooms offer. We aim to spark wonder, a love of learning, and 21st century leadership skills through weekly nature-based excursions.

Our culture of kindness is infused throughout the community and bolstered by dedicated Social Emotional Learning staff and curriculum.

Our Educational Pillars

Tailored, Collegiate-Track Academics. Multilingual. Project-Based Learning. High School Prep. Love of Learning.
Earth Education & Outdoor School. Art, Music, and Drama. Teamwork. Creative Problem Solving. Flexibility. Positive Habits of the Mind.
Student-Led Discussions (Harkness Table). Social Emotional Learning. Mentorship. Family Partnership. Diversity.

Spanish & Mandarin.

Immersion then Infusion.

Empathy Building. Critical Thinking. Cultural Diversity & Appreciation.


Singing. Music Video Making. Improvisational Drama. Rock Band. All-School Play. Playwriting. Cake Decorating. 2D Studio Drawing.


Experiential Outdoor Learning. Reduce Stress. Boost Academic Performance. Cultivate Leadership & Teamwork. Nurture Wonder & Curiosity.

Where We're Located


3801 Balboa St,
San Francisco, CA, 94121

Serving Preschool to 8th grade.

Terra San Francisco Preschools

Terra San Francisco
TK - 8



70 Lomita Drive, 
Mill Valley, CA, 94941

Serving Preschool to Transitional Kindergarten.

Explore Our Community

Outdoor Playdates

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Terra San Francisco

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Terra Marin

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The Terra Schools educate, nurture, and inspire students of diverse backgrounds to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace ethical values, and to become active contributors to their communities.

Our Mission

Why Terra Schools

Research shows that early language immersion, nature-based education, and integrated social emotional learning are the best ways to help children grow into their full potential. Dig deeper into the research here

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Early language immersion works

Research shows that learning a second or third language before ages 6-7 results in higher likelihood of native proficiency in a second language by adulthood, compared to starting at ages 7-12. And it takes 2-7 years to become fully fluent in a second language, through a language immersion program regardless of a child’s prior language exposure.


Nature-based education helps students reach their full potential

Studies have proven that it helps children have lower stress, better cognitive functioning, and improved social skills. 


Social emotional learning is foundational for success

Science has proven that having a social emotional learning curriculum starting from a young age leads to improved emotional intelligence, increased positive attitudes toward self & others, and greater success later in life.

What People Are Saying About us


"I came to Terra Marin to escape the big middle school scene where I was struggling. Terra Marin's outdoor days on Thursdays and Fridays sounded cool.


The community and teachers here are awesome. Making friends was a breeze, and the teachers are easy to talk to. My year and a half here has been great!"


~Kirian, Class of '23, Headed to The Bay School of San Francisco

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