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OUR Mission

The Terra Schools educate, nurture, and inspire students of diverse backgrounds to achieve their highest academic and creative potential, to embrace ethical values, and to become active contributors to their communities.



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What We Believe

For our students:

  1. We believe that all children have gifts and it is our mission to help them discover these gifts.

  2. We believe it is in wonder, inquiry and discovery that the magic happens.

  3. We believe the learning process is more important than the end result.

  4. We believe that when children are heard and valued they become leaders and self-advocates.

  5. We believe that children have a right to feel safe and to be accepted for who they are without judgment.

  6. We believe that emotional and social IQ is just as important to success as academic achievement. 

  7. We believe that questions are more important than answers.

For our community

  1. We believe a community is a place of emotional safety.

  2. We believe a strong school community is a place where everyone belongs and feels seen for who they are.

  3. We believe with an emotionally safe and strong community, anything can be achieved.

  4. We believe in partnering with families to raise children well. 

  5. We believe that investing in teachers will create a rich learning environment.

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